October 2011

Dear Editor-in-Chief,

Please accept my enthusiastic applause on the transformation of the Open Source Business Resource into the Technology Innovation Management Review!  This publication is perfectly timed to respond to the issues experienced by the growing number of early-stage technology companies in Canada and around the world in the current economic and regulatory context. 

I am delighted that this important publication will be located at Carleton University where we enjoy the leadership of some of the finest professors in the world like Dr. Tony Bailetti, to name but one of many.  It is appropriate that the publication reside at Carleton where the university’s commitment to engaging with industry and creating a context for collaborative work to find solutions to real-world problems is nothing short of remarkable.

The Technology Innovation Management program has generated theses and projects that feature innovative solutions to real-world problems. The Lead to Win program has matched the energy of nascent entrepreneurs with the need of the region, the expertise of our faculty and the experience of alumni who work as mentors to current students.  The result is an impressive number of new enterprises which are both effective and profitable.

The doctoral program in the Sprott School of Business has generated dissertations and research projects which explore the relationship between leadership styles and the generation of creative ideas, the environment and corporate structures favoring change and the talents of the local workforce, the possibility of international cooperation as a solution to local problems.

The outreach of Carleton’s Co-op Programs, community volunteer projects, and the involvement of alumni as investors, coaches, mentors and advisors are key factors in the success of the university’s involvement in regional economic development.

I wish you every success with this important endeavor and look forward to reading it myself.

Sincerely yours,

Roseann O’Reilly Runte
President, Carleton University



Dear Editor-in-Chief,

Congratulations on the launch of the Technology Innovation Management Review!  

Based on the experience and reputation of the Open Source Business Resource, this new publication will have an even greater impact by broadening its scope from the theory and practice of open source businesses to that of early-stage technology enterprises in general. The review of emerging trends and technologies by and for a diverse audience of academics and practitioners will foster innovative solutions to the real-world problems faced by tech companies in their early growth stages.

The TIM Review builds on the success of Carleton’s Technology Innovation Management program – a unique, interdisciplinary master’s program that bridges the gap between engineering and business to support the growth of new technology companies and business ecosystems.  The program launched in the mid-90s, and has resulted in many successes, among which include the creation of numerous start-up companies.

The TIM Review, along with the Technology Innovation Management and Lead to Win programs, as well as the new entrepreneurship programs designed by the Sprott School of Business for all students at Carleton, will play an important role in the economic development of our region and beyond.

We anticipate exciting things from this new initiative and look forward to being a part of a growing readership.


Rafik Goubran                                             Jerry Tomberlin
Dean, Faculty of Engineering                     Dean, Sprott School of Business
Carleton University                                     Carleton University

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