February 2009

The number of market offers that rely on open source to generate companies' revenues is increasing. Open source has transformed how we develop software, hardware, content, and scientific knowledge. It is now transforming how we commercialize the market offers that generate revenue for companies that rely on open source projects.

Commercialization is the theme of the February issue of the OSBR. The focus is on how new market offers that use open source to make money.

Tony Bailetti from Carleton University contributes a tool to measure the strength of a business model and shows how open source can be used to strengthen market offers' business models.

Peter Carbone, a veteran executive who specializes in ICT strategy and commercialization, highlights the relevance of new business models and ecosystems in the knowledge-era economy.

Edy Ferreira and Stoyan Tanev from Carleton University describe the ways companies make money from market offers that rely on open source hardware projects.

David A. Wheeler, a software developer and technical author, argues that there are two types of commercial software: proprietary software and F/LOSS.

Jennifer Bell introduces VisibleGovernment.ca and describes why open government data is a valuable investment in Canada's infrastructure.

Mike Kavis answers the question "How can an individual or small business give back to an open source community?".

As always, we encourage readers to share articles of interest with their colleagues, and to provide their comments either online or directly to the authors. We hope you enjoy this issue of the OSBR.

The editorial theme for the upcoming March issue of the OSBR is Geospatial and the guest editor will be Dave McIlhagga, CEO of DM Solutions.

Dru Lavigne


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