May 2011: Technology Entrepreneurship

The editorial theme for this issue of the OSBR is Technology Entrepreneurship. We have invited entrepreneurs associated with the Technology Innovation Management (TIM) program at Carleton University to share their lessons and insights about growing a technology company during its early stages. The authors represent a range of entrepreneurial experience, from serial entrepreneurs reflecting on battles won and lost, to first-time entrepreneurs describing the early twists and turns of transforming ideas into ventures.

What is common to all the articles is the approach to entrepreneurship that is nurtured in the TIM program. The TIM program is a graduate program that distinguishes itself by offering three important benefits to its students: i) a Master's degree by research; ii) opportunities for personal brand development; and iii) practical, real-world experience. In particular, personal brand development and real-world experience are gained by applying the program's lessons and the products of the student's own research to assist early-stage technology companies. If the student is an entrepreneur, they have the added benefit of applying their research and learning to further their own opportunity. In this issue, entrepreneurs from the TIM program share some of the key lessons they have learned.

In This Issue: