March 2011: Co-Creation

The editorial theme for this issue of the OSBR is Co-Creation. The articles invited for publication in this special issue of the OSBR were originally presented last September at EBRF 2010, in Nokia, Finland. EBRF - the research forum to understand business in the knowledge society - is the oldest international peer-reviewed business research conference organized annually in Finland. The first EBRF conference was organized in Tampere, Finland in 2001. The grand theme of the 10th anniversary EBRF conference was "Co-Creation as a Way Forward".

For this issue of the OSBR, a preliminary subset of EBRF articles were selected by a specifically designed committee of scholars that was asked to nominate EBRF articles fitting the topic of the special issue and providing valuable insights to both scholars and practitioners. We invited the authors to create specialized versions of the papers that were previously published in the EBRF 2010 Conference Proceedings by focusing on the practical relevance of their research for an audience including not only scholars but also business and technology experts. After the submission of the OSBR versions, an additional peer review process was used to select seven articles offering diverse perspectives on co-creation.

In This Issue: