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Lund, J., & Ebbesson, E. 2019. Understanding Digital Innovation from a Layered Architectural Perspective. Technology Innovation Management Review, 9(2): 51-63. http://doi.org/10.22215/timreview/1218
PDF icon LundEbbesson_TIMReview_February2019.pdf (867.23 KB)
Lukosiute, K., Jensen, S., & Tanev, S. 2019. Is Joining a Business Incubator or Accelerator Always a Good Thing?. Technology Innovation Management Review, 9(7): 5-15. http://doi.org/10.22215/timreview/1251
PDF icon Lukosiute_et_al_TIMReview_July2019.pdf (647.93 KB)
Luke, R. 2013. Measuring Innovation Skills Acquired by College and Polytechnic Students through Applied Research. Technology Innovation Management Review, 3(10): 36-43. http://doi.org/10.22215/timreview/735
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Lu, C., Geng, W., & Wang, I. 2015. The Role of Self-Service Mobile Technologies in the Creation of Customer Travel Experiences. Technology Innovation Management Review, 5(2): 24-32. http://doi.org/10.22215/timreview/871
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Low, A., & Muegge, S. 2013. Keystone Business Models for Network Security Processors. Technology Innovation Management Review, 3(7): 25-33. http://doi.org/10.22215/timreview/703
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Low, A. 2013. Evolution of Wireless Sensor Networks for Industrial Control. Technology Innovation Management Review, 3(5): 5-12. http://doi.org/10.22215/timreview/682
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Low, A. 2012. Making Money from Exploiting Schumpeterian Opportunities: John Sanguinetti and the Electronic Design Automation Industry. Technology Innovation Management Review, 2(5): 18-22. http://doi.org/10.22215/timreview/555
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Lounibos, T. 2010. Performance Testing From the Cloud. Open Source Business Resource, (April 2010). http://timreview.ca/article/343
Logghe, S., & Schuurman, D. 2017. Action Research as a Framework to Evaluate the Operations of a Living Lab. Technology Innovation Management Review, 7(2): 35-41. http://doi.org/10.22215/timreview/1056
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Liu, P. 2007. Open Source Telecommunication Companies. Open Source Business Resource, (August 2007). http://timreview.ca/article/82
Liotta, G., Tanev, S., Gorra, A., & Pospieszala, A. Izabela. 2020. Sustainability-related Communication Patterns on the Websites of European Top R&D Spenders. Technology Innovation Management Review, 10(10): 43-54. http://doi.org/10.22215/timreview/1395
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Liotta, G. 2012. Simulation of Supply-Chain Networks: A Source of Innovation and Competitive Advantage for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises. Technology Innovation Management Review, 2(11): 13-20. http://doi.org/10.22215/timreview/625
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Linton, G., & Öberg, C. 2020. A Conceptual Development of a Business Model Typology in Tourism: the impact of digitalization and location. Technology Innovation Management Review, 10(7): 17-28. http://doi.org/10.22215/timreview/1372
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Linthicum, D. 2010. The Value of Cloud Computing. Open Source Business Resource, (April 2010). http://timreview.ca/article/339
Lindman, J., & Nyman, L. 2014. The Businesses of Open Data and Open Source: Some Key Similarities and Differences. Technology Innovation Management Review, 4(1): 12-17. http://doi.org/10.22215/timreview/757
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Lindman, J., & Rajala, R. 2012. How Open Source Has Changed the Software Industry: Perspectives from Open Source Entrepreneurs. Technology Innovation Management Review, 2(1): 5-11. http://doi.org/10.22215/timreview/510
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Lindhult, E. 2019. Scientific Excellence in Participatory and Action Research: Part II. Rethinking Objectivity and Reliability. Technology Innovation Management Review, 9(5): 22-33. http://doi.org/10.22215/timreview/1238
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Lindhult, E. 2019. Scientific Excellence in Participatory and Action Research: Part I. Rethinking Research Quality. Technology Innovation Management Review, 9(5): 6-21. http://doi.org/10.22215/timreview/1237
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Lindberg, M., Hallencreutz, D., & Tengqvist, A. 2019. Bridging Participatory Policy Trends and Research Traditions through Social Innovation. Technology Innovation Management Review, 9(4): 27-36. http://doi.org/10.22215/timreview/1231
PDF icon Lindberg_et_al_TIMReview_April2019.pdf (1.26 MB)
Levesque, R., Walsh, D. ’A., & Whyte, D. 2015. Securing Cyberspace: Towards an Agenda for Research and Practice. Technology Innovation Management Review, 5(11): 26-34. http://doi.org/10.22215/timreview/943
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