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Korhonen, H. M. E. 2014. Widening the Perspective on Industrial Innovation: A Service-Dominant-Logic Approach. Technology Innovation Management Review, 4(5): 31-39. http://doi.org/10.22215/timreview/791
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Korhonen, H. M. E., Still, K., Seppänen, M., Kumpulainen, M., Suominen, A., & Valkokari, K. 2017. The Core Interaction of Platforms: How Startups Connect Users and Producers. Technology Innovation Management Review, 7(9): 17-29. http://doi.org/10.22215/timreview/1103
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Koplyay, T., Chillingworth, L., & Mitchell, B. 2013. Corporate Lifecycles: Modelling the Dynamics of Innovation and Its Support Infrastructure. Technology Innovation Management Review, 3(10): 22-29. http://doi.org/10.22215/timreview/733
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Ko, N. 2007. Open Source as Community. Open Source Business Resource, (September 2007). http://timreview.ca/article/78
Kim, M. 2008. Uses of Creative Commons Licenses. Open Source Business Resource, (April 2008). http://timreview.ca/article/137
Khomsi, M. Reda. 2016. The Smart City Ecosystem as an Innovation Model: Lessons from Montreal. Technology Innovation Management Review, 6(11): 26-31. http://doi.org/10.22215/timreview/1032
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Kharas, F. 2015. TIM Lecture Series – Creating Life-Saving Media as a Social Entrepreneur. Technology Innovation Management Review, 5(11): 40-42. http://doi.org/10.22215/timreview/945
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Khanafer, H. 2015. Q&A. Does a Software Development Firm Need an Open Source Policy?. Technology Innovation Management Review, 5(5): 45-46. http://doi.org/10.22215/timreview/897
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Khan, M. S. 2017. Q&A. Are Universities Ready for Knowledge Commercialization?. Technology Innovation Management Review, 7(7): 63-68. http://doi.org/10.22215/timreview/1091
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Khan, O., & Estay, D. A. Sepúlv. 2015. Supply Chain Cyber-Resilience: Creating an Agenda for Future Research. Technology Innovation Management Review, 5(4): 6-12. http://doi.org/10.22215/timreview/885
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Khajeheian, D. 2016. Audience Commodification: A Source of Innovation in Business Models. Technology Innovation Management Review, 6(8): 40-47. http://doi.org/10.22215/timreview/1010
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Khademi, B. 2020. Ecosystem Value Creation and Capture: A Systematic Review of Literature and Potential Research Opportunities. Technology Innovation Management Review, 10(1): 16-34. http://doi.org/10.22215/timreview/1311
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Khademi, B. 2019. The Ecosystem Knowledge Explorer: A Tool to Systematically Discover External Knowledge. Technology Innovation Management Review, 9(7): 28-40. http://doi.org/10.22215/timreview/1253
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Khademi, B., Lampela, H., & Smyrnios, K. X. 2021. A Roadmap for Systematically Identifying Opportunities in Ecosystems Using Scientific Publications Data. Technology Innovation Management Review, 11(1): 34-55. http://doi.org/10.22215/timreview/1415
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Ketonen-Oksi, S., & Valkokari, K. 2019. Innovation Ecosystems as Structures for Value Co-Creation. Technology Innovation Management Review, 9(2): 25-35. http://doi.org/10.22215/timreview/1216
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Kemppainen, L., Pikkarainen, M., Hurmelinna-Laukkanen, P., & Reponen, J. 2019. Connected Health Innovation: Data Access Challenges in the Interface of AI Companies and Hospitals. Technology Innovation Management Review. http://doi.org/10.22215/timreview/1291, Ottawa: Talent First Network
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Kemp, J., & Dietz, B. 2009. Business Intelligence: A Primer. Open Source Business Resource, (September 2009). http://timreview.ca/article/284
Kayser, V., Nehrke, B., & Zubovic, D. 2018. Data Science as an Innovation Challenge: From Big Data to Value Proposition. Technology Innovation Management Review, 8(3): 16-25. http://doi.org/10.22215/timreview/1143
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Kavandi, H., & Westerlund, M. 2015. Using Entrepreneurial Marketing to Foster Reseller Adoption of Smart Micro-Grid Technology. Technology Innovation Management Review, 5(9): 5-16. http://doi.org/10.22215/timreview/925
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